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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Electrolux 360L: No need to bend to get vegetables in bottom freezer fridge

  • HT By Boudhaditya Sanyal
  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 16:11 IST
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The Electrolux 360L is a bottom freezer refrigerator that has the freezer at the lower side of fridge. No more bending to get to the fruits and vegetable tray.

product info
The Electrolux 360L is an efficient bottom freezer refrigerator.

Refrigerators are an important home appliance that has multiple uses in our daily lives. They keep the food fresh and healthy for long. They are also an excellent storage solution for all seasons. However, refrigerators have followed a conventional and long-standing design for a while now. Most refrigerators, irrespective of the price or the brand they come from.

The design language always has the freezer at the top, and the fresh food's compartment at the bottom. This moves the vegetable and fruits tray much lower. The design is inconvenient to older people, and people with back problems. The answer to such issues are refrigerators with a bottom freezer. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at the Electrolux 360L bottom freezer refrigerator. There are several features and functionalities of the refrigerator which might make it a better pick for you.

Basic features

The purpose of a refrigerator is not just storing food items. Your food products need to be able to retain the nutrients and the food values of the product. If the refrigerator is not capable, your fruits and vegetables might become dry or soggy. The Electrolux 360L can keep food fresh for up to one week. This is possible due to the TasteLock Auto technology. This technology releases excess moisture and reduce condensation.

Meat and Seafood can go bad real fast. One major problem with storing meat is the smell of going bad. The smell of seafood or meat gone bad can infect the entire refrigerator. The Electrolux 360L bottom freezer refrigerator can keep meats and seafood in prime condition for up to seven days.

The bottom freezer on the Electrolux 360L can seem inconvenient for getting out ice. The twist and serve functionality of the refrigerator makes it easy for you to get ice instantly. You can enjoy your drinks and sodas with fresh ice every time. The ice making time is also on the lower side, and you can instantly get ice for every drink and party at your place.

Special features

Odourless operations

The changing nature of seasons and temperature in India can leave an absurd and unsettling odour inside the fridge. This odour makes the inside of the fridge smell stale. The double door refrigerator comes with Tasteguard deodorizer function that uses a carbon filter to keep your refrigerator hygienic and free from any odour. This functionality is useful for people who tend to store meat and seafood at all times. These food products tend to release odour that can leave a stent across the entire fridge.


Temperature control is a major functionality of a refrigerator. The Electrolux 360L bottom freezer refrigerator has Eventemp technology. This technology helps in protecting the flavour and texture of your food. It ensures each shelf is cool and maintains a constant temperature across the entire compartment.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the refrigerator is a tedious and time-taking process. The Electrolux 360L has stainless steel trays as opposed to the commonly used plastic trays. It is extremely easy to clean, and you can be sure of keeping your food in a fresh and healthy environment.

Less energy consumption

A refrigerator is an appliance that runs all day. Hence, it is important to keep the energy consumption in check. The Electrolux 360L has a Nutrifresh inverter compressor that keeps the temperature in your fridge consistent. This prevents it from experiencing fluctuating temperatures and conserve energy. This results in lesser bills and saved power.

Bottom freezer

The placement of the freezer has been constant in multiple refrigerators for all these years. The Electrolux 360L comes with a bottom freezer where all your fresh food items are on the top. This design makes it extremely convenient to get anything from the fresh food compartment without bending or putting pressure on your back. This is ideal for senior citizens and people with back problems.

Consumer support

The consumer support for the product is directly extended by the company. You can reach out to the customer care executives to get solutions to any issues you might be facing on your machine. The customer care executives also pay visits actively when a complaint is raised.

Bottom freezerNo wheels for movement
Auto temperature control 

Price of Electrolux 360L at a glance:

Electrolux 360LRs. 49,990


Making a wise decision while choosing a refrigerator is important. The appliance is an integral part of every household. The Electrolux 360L bottom freezer refrigerator has multiple features and functionalities. Buyers also get a 10-year warranty on the compressor, making it a future-proof option.

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ELECTROLUX 360L Frost Free Invertor Double Door Refrigerator, Bottom Freezer, TasteLockAuto & TasteSeal Technology, Glossy Black Steel, UltimateTaste 300, EBB3702K-H Get Price

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