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Hifresh portable air cooler: Waterless cooler for modern homes

Last Published on Mar 14, 2023 20:04 IST


Air coolers require water to throw cool air in any room. The Hifresh portable air cooler changes that with waterless operations.

Air coolers operate on water. This is one of the fundamental functions of any air cooler. Users need to keep the tank full of water to prevent any kind of electrical fault in the motor of the cooler. This is one of the basic functionalities that differentiates an air conditioner from an air cooler. A lot of users might think of it as a hassle, and there can be times when your air cooler might run out of water in the middle of the night. In this scenario, one can either switch off the cooler, or get up in the middle of the night to refill it.

This hassle is taken care of by the Hifresh portable air cooler. There are several portable air coolers in the market, but almost all of them rely on water. This portable air cooler does not rely on water. We take a closer look at the product and discuss its several features in this article.

Basic features

The Hifresh portable air cooler does not require water to run, but it does have a number of basic features that make it a good product. The air cooler comes with 4 pre-set modes, namely, normal, nature, sleep and cold. These modes allow you to set the kind of cooling that is required by you at any given time of the day. The 3 wind speeds, low, medium and high, offer a wide range of cooling for any activity.

The installation of the air cooler is also easy. You do not require any hose or windows to install the air cooler. You get a screwdriver with the cooler, that allows you to complete the installation process in less than a minute. Furthermore, you do not require any assistance, and the instructions are fairly simple in the manual.

The Hifresh portable air cooler comes with ice packs that manage the cooling. The 4.1 litres tank is capable of running for up to 15 hours, and the ice packs make sure that you get cool air throughout. This technology allows the cooler to provide cooler air than other products, and for a longer time.

Special features

AC cooling with low bill

The ice packs inside the cooler allow it to provide high cooling. The cooling output can be compared to an air conditioner, but the cooler is more power efficient and consumes much less power than the air conditioner. The power consumption is lower than most coolers, and it is ideal for people who are looking for a cool summer without paying hefty electricity bills.

Soundless operations

The Hifresh evaporative cooler is a smart solution to make you sleep like a baby. It features an upgraded quite motor to blow comfortable airflow across the bedroom with less than 39dB of noise. Besides, a 12-Hour pre-set timer allows you to sleep without any interruptions all night long.

Enjoy lake breezes at home

The Hifresh portable air cooler gives cool air like you are enjoying a lake breeze. The ice packs work as water sources, and the air coming out of the cooler is fresh and breezy. Whether you are coming back after work, or a morning run, the cooler always gives fresh and soothing air to get rid of all the fatigue.

Remote control

The Hifresh portable air cooler gives you the licence to be lazy. The cooler is equipped with a remote control with responsive and extra-long sensing distance, this freestanding evaporative air cooler provides a "lazy" way to adjust your swamp air cooler while lying on the couch or in bed. With smart touch panel, clear LED display, it is friendly to the seniors who are unfamiliar with smart appliances

Compact design, high coolingNot ideal for bigger homes

Price of Hifresh portable air cooler at a glance:

Hifresh portable air cooler 12,285


The Hifresh portable air cooler is a great option for people living alone, or for small households. This air cooler can also function as a secondary cooling appliance, since running an air conditioner all day long can be expensive. The power efficient air cooler is a good option for quick cooling. The remote control and 12 cooling combinations make it a good option for people who want a personal and portable air cooler without water.

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