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HP Laserjet M1005: Multi-functional printer for home and office use

  • HT Shop Now By Boudhaditya Sanyal
  • Published on Jun 06, 2023 12:59 IST
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The HP Laserjet M1005 is a multi-function printer ideal for your home and office spaces. Check out HT Shop Now's review to know more about the HP printer M1005.

hp printer m1005
Get the HP printer m1005 for efficient printing at home and office.

The HP Laserjet M1005 multifunction printer is a reliable and feature-packed printing solution designed to meet the diverse needs of both home and office users. With its multifunction capabilities, this printer offers the convenience of printing, scanning, and copying in a single device. Whether you need to print important documents, scan photos, or make copies of important paperwork, the HP Laserjet M1005 has you covered.

One of the key features of this printer is its fast and efficient printing performance. With its laser technology, it delivers sharp and high-quality prints with impressive speed. This makes it ideal for busy environments where quick turnaround times are essential. Additionally, the printer offers a range of connectivity options, including USB and network connectivity, allowing for seamless integration with various devices.

Versatility is another strength of the HP printer. Its scanning and copying capabilities provide added convenience, eliminating the need for separate devices. The printer's user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through various functions and settings.

In a world where printed documents are still an essential part of communication and documentation, having a reliable and versatile printer like the HP Laserjet M1005 ensures that you can meet your printing needs with efficiency and convenience.

Design and build quality

The HP printer m1005 boasts a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for both home and office environments. Its sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of professionalism to any workspace. The printer is built with durability in mind, featuring high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. Additionally, the intuitive control panel and easy-access buttons make it user-friendly, allowing for effortless operation. With its sturdy build and thoughtful design elements, the HP printer combines both durability and user-friendliness for a reliable printing experience.

Printing performance and quality

The HP Laserjet printer delivers impressive printing performance and exceptional print quality. It offers fast printing speeds, allowing you to quickly print large volumes of documents without compromising on quality. With its high resolution, it produces sharp and detailed prints, ensuring that text documents are clear and legible. Moreover, the printer excels in handling graphics, providing accurate and vibrant colour reproduction.

Scanning and copying capabilities

The HP Laserjet M1005 offers impressive scanning and copying capabilities, making it a versatile all-in-one device. With its high-resolution scanner, it captures documents and images with clarity and detail. The scanner operates at a good speed, allowing for efficient scanning of multiple pages. The copier function enables quick and accurate duplication of documents, saving you time and effort. Additionally, the printer comes with useful features like automatic document feeder (ADF) for batch scanning and copying, further enhancing the overall scanning and copying experience.

Connectivity options and software

The HP Laserjet M1005 printer offers versatile connectivity options to suit different user preferences. It includes USB connectivity, allowing for direct connection to a computer or laptop. Additionally, it supports network connectivity, enabling easy sharing and printing across multiple devices in a networked environment. The printer also has wireless printing capabilities, allowing you to conveniently print from your mobile devices without the need for a physical connection. Furthermore, the printer may come with useful software or apps, such as HP Smart, which provide additional features like mobile printing, scanning to cloud storage, and printer management for an enhanced printing experience.

Print cost efficiency

The HP Laserjet M1005 printer offers excellent cost efficiency, making it an economical choice for long-term printing needs. It utilizes efficient toner cartridges that yield a high number of prints per cartridge, reducing the cost per page. Additionally, the availability of compatible toner cartridges from various manufacturers provides more affordable alternatives without compromising on quality. By considering the printer's cost per page and the availability of compatible cartridges, the HP Laserjet M1005 offers great value for money in terms of long-term printing expenses, making it a cost-effective investment for both home and office use.

High-quality printsLack of colour printing
Fast printing speedsLimited paper handling capacity
Wide connectivity optionsLimited memory capacity


The HP Laserjet M1005 printer proves to be a reliable and versatile printing solution. With its high-quality prints, fast printing speeds, and multifunction capabilities, it caters to the diverse needs of both home and office users. The wide range of connectivity options and user-friendly operation further enhance its usability. While it lacks colour printing and has some limitations in paper handling and features, its overall performance, reliability, and cost efficiency make it a valuable investment for those seeking a dependable monochrome multifunction printer.

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