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Top 7 juicer mixers under ₹2500: Buyer's guide

Last Published on Apr 04, 2023 16:56 IST


Stop wasting time chopping and blending kitchen ingredients. Get the perfect juicer mixer under 2500 and make delicious recipes quickly!

Often referred to as a juice extractor, a juicer is a device used to extract juice from fruits, herbs, leafy greens, and other types of vegetables. This process is achieved by crushing, grinding and/or pressing the pulp in order to extract the desired liquid. Some juicer mixers also have additional functions such as doubling as food processors.

The majority of twin gear and horizontal masticating juicers come with attachments designed for crushing herbs and spices, grinding coffee beans, producing nut milk, extruding pasta, noodles and bread sticks - allowing them to fulfill numerous tasks.

Product List

1. NutriPro Juicer Mixer

The NutriPro Juicer Mixer your key to a healthier lifestyle. Featuring a powerful 500 watt motor, this juicer mixer is designed to make it fast and easy for you to extract juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables. With a 1L capacity pitcher, you can now make enough juice for the whole family in one go.This juicer mixer priceis available at an affordable price on Amazon.


  • Brand -nutripro
  • Colour-Silver
  • Product Dimensions-30.3D x 13.3W x 22.4H Centimeters



Easily Available

2) Farberware Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric Juicer

Discover the amazing convenience and power of the Farberware Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric Juicer. Thisjuicer mixer for kitchen appliance is perfect for quickly making fresh smoothies or juices for you or your entire family. With its sleek stainless steel design, thisjuicer mixer will look great on any kitchen countertop. This juicer mixer works with a powerful 350-watt motor that can easily cut through fruits and vegetables, turning them into delicious drinks in mere seconds.


  • Special Feature-Portable
  • Colour-Multicolour
  • Power Source-Battery Powered
  • Material-Plastic
  • Included Components-Mixers



Easy to use and maintainMaterial Is Plastic
User-Friendly Design

3)ACTIVA JuicoMatic Powerful 600 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jar comes with 2 Years Warranty

Make fresh and delicious juices, smoothies, shakes, and other homemade drinks with the ACTIVA JuicoMatic Powerful 600 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder. Enjoy healthy beverages conveniently made with thebest juicer mixeron the market. This multi-purpose tool consists of two years warranty along with three separate jars for multipurpose grinding and blending.


  • Brand -Activa
  • Colour -Black & Blue
  • Product Dimensions-21D x 19W x 30H Centimeters
  • Material-ABS Shock Proof Plastic Body




4) SANSHAM Electric Juicer Mixer 4 Blade Rechargeable Portable Juicer Mixer

The SANSHAM Electric Juicer Mixer is the perfect appliance for all your juice, smoothie, and puree needs. Our 4-blade design ensures superior extraction and blending of ingredients, blending to perfection each time. The rechargeable battery operated juicer mixer means you can enjoy delicious healthy drinks anytime, anywhere. The powerful motor and sharp blades make quick work of any ingredients, turning them into flavorful juices or creamy smoothies in seconds. This is a battery operated juicer mixer.


  • Brand -SANSHAM
  • Colour -Multicolour
  • Product Dimensions-8D x 8W x 23H Centimeters
  • Material-Plastic
  • Included Components-1 charging cable, 1 Usb Juicer



DurableMaterial Used Is Plastic
Ensures Flavour Consistency

5)VOLKES Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric Juicer Mixer

Experience the convenience of making healthy and delicious drinks with the VOLKES Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable ElectricJuicer Mixer. This compact blender is designed for any small kitchen, allowing you to make your favorite smoothies and shakes without taking up too much space. It features powerful blending technology that quickly chops and purees fruits, vegetables, ice and nuts into a variety of delicious drinks. Thisjuicer mixer for small kitchenpurposes.


  • Brand- VOLKES
  • Special Feature-Cordless
  • Capacity-2 litres
  • Product Dimensions-12D x 8W x 6H Centimeters
  • Material-Plastic



User-Friendly DesignNone
Positive reviews

6) Mr. Brand Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric Juicer Mixer

This Mr. Brand Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine is the ultimate kitchen essential for any home chef! Thiselectric juicer mixer utilizes advanced motor technology to quickly and easily blend, mix and process fruits, vegetables and more into delicious juices, sauces and other healthy creations. It is lightweight and portable, making it the perfect tool for smoothly blending ingredients on-the-go.


  • Brand -MR. BRAND
  • Product Dimensions-20D x 7W x 7H Centimeters
  • Material-Plastic
  • Included Components-Mixers



Easy to UseNone
Light weight

7) SIDDHARTH FASHION Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer Mixer

Enjoy fresh, nutritious juice anytime with the SIDDHARTH FASHION Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer. This powerful electric juicer mixer is incredibly easy to use and provides you with delicious, nutrient-rich beverages in just seconds. Featuring an efficient motor that runs at up to 12000 RPMs, this juice maker will quickly break down fruits, vegetables, nuts and more into a deliciously drinkable concoction.


  • Brand- Blyss
  • Colour -Multicolour
  • Material-Plastic
  • Product Care Instructions-Hand Clean



Easy to useNone
This is a handy and portable juicer mixer

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
NutriPro Juicer MixerAffordableEasy to useSaves on space
Farberware Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric JuicerPostive reviewGreat for the pricePremium brand
ACTIVA JuicoMatic Powerful 600 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jar comes with 2 Years WarrantyGood qualitySmall and compactEasy to use
SANSHAM Electric Juicer Mixer Grinder 4 Blade Rechargeable PortableLong term UseUnique designLightweight
VOLKES Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric JuicerStylishQuick CleaningAdvanced features 
Mr. Brand Mini Blender Fruit Mixer Machine Portable Electric JuicerDurablePowerful MotorAffordably priced
SIDDHARTH FASHION Portable Electric USB Juice Maker JuicerEasily InstalledEnergy efficientEasy Extraction

Best value for money

NutriPro Juicer Mixer, the perfect addition to any kitchen. This multi-purpose appliance is designed to make everyday life easier. Our solid construction and state-of-the-art engineering ensures long lasting performance and optimal juicing results at an amazing value for money. Whether you need a juice, smoothie or even a nut butter, with its variable speed settings you can be sure that you will get the perfect blend.

Best overall product

SANSHAM Electric Juicer Mixer Grinder 4 Blade Rechargeable Portable - a powerful, versatile and efficient device for all your juicing and grinding needs. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel with a sleek modern aesthetic, this grinder boasts an impressive 4 blade system that quickly pulverizes fruits and vegetables into a smooth juice.

How to find the perfect juicer mixer?

  • Consider your personal needs. Think about the types of ingredients you’ll be using most often and what features are essential for your use. The size of the mixing bowl, wattage, and pulse settings can all affect how well it will do at specific tasks.
  • Research different brands to find out which type fits best with your needs and budget. Websites like Consumer Reports provide helpful ratings on various models so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.
  • Check online stores or local appliance shops for different prices on the model that best suits you. Compare both prices and warranties to find a value that is perfect for your home kitchen setup.
  • Make sure the juicer mixer has enough power to handle whatever job you need it to do, whether it's blending smoothies or grinding coffee beans in small batches. Check its wattage rating as well as its capacity (cup size). The power should always correspond with what type of task it will be used for most frequently; when in doubt always go up rather than down when considering the power requirements of a juicer mixer!
  • Examine the additional features included with each model such as detachable parts for easy cleaning, safety switches, overload protection systems, etc., These extra features may be something you'll appreciate once you start using your juicer mixer regularly so take time to look into them now before making a commitment.
  • Test out any potential purchases if possible by visiting stores that have demonstrations available or talking to knowledgeable staff members who can demonstrate products if necessary . This way,you'll get an idea of how natural operating feels and evaluate how powerful they really are compared to stated specifications outlined by manufacturers.

Top juicer mixers under ₹2500

A juicer mixer grinder is a must-have kitchen appliance, especially in an Indian household. It's a multipurpose mixer that can grind not only spices but also fruits and vegetables. In one appliance, you can make pastes, batters, spices, purees, juices, and shakes.

 Juicers extract the pulp, skin, and other parts of fruits and vegetables, leaving only the thin liquid behind. Blenders process and blend all ingredients, including pulp, for thicker drinks such as smoothies. Both are fantastic for various reasons.


The health benefits of juicing have long been touted, with proponents asserting that it can reduce one's risk of cancer, bolster the immune system, detoxify the body, facilitate digestion, and even help with weight loss. However, scientific research is lacking in terms of verifying these claims; in other words, there is no evidence that extracted juices are any more nutritious than consuming the fruit or vegetable itself. This may be due to the fact that many essential components of the produce are often lost during juicing processes. As such, it may be wise to opt for eating fresh fruits and vegetables over juicing as a means of maximizing one's intake of essential vitamins and minerals.


A comparative study of the effects of juicing and blending on the nutrient content of fruit juices revealed that, while blending whole fruits generally preserved more antioxidants and beneficial compounds, juicing some fruits was found to extract greater amounts of Vitamin C. This suggests that each method may be more appropriate for different types of fruits, depending on the desired outcome. For instance, blending may be preferable when aiming to preserve a wider range of nutrients, while juicing could be used to boost Vitamin C levels specifically.


-If you want more energy, better focus, mental clarity, and weight loss, it's time to start drinking juice on a daily basis. A juicing habit provides numerous health benefits by incorporating just one juice per day into your daily routine.


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