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Bajaj Frio air cooler: You get great combo of powerful cooling and affordability

Last Published on Mar 29, 2023 12:50 IST


The Bajaj Frio air cooler has all the essential features and cools any room super fast.

Summer heat in India can be unbearable. The rise in temperature gives rise to multiple health problems and diseases. People experience viral fever, cough and cold while the season is changing. Even during the summer months, the risk of heat stroke, heat flashes, jaundice and typhoid are very high. Therefore, it is important to stay in temperature-controlled environments for as long as possible. One can not control the temperature outside the house, but the temperature inside the house can be regulated and monitored. A good way to do that is by investing in an air cooler.

The Bajaj Frio personal cooler is compact, portable and also has efficient cooling performance. This air cooler is perfect for a small room and can cool down the temperature by a few degrees. This article will take a deep dive into the features and specifications of the Bajaj cooler to determine its effectiveness and dwell on reasons as to why should you buy it.

Basic features


Any air cooler works best when the tank is full of cool water. The capacity of an air cooler plays a major role while making a purchase decision. The Bajaj Frio air cooler comes with a 23-litre tank. This capacity is ideal for small to medium rooms. This is also an ideal product for students and working professionals living alone in other cities, and small families. The capacity of the cooler allows it to throw out cool and comfortable air for more than 6 hours, ensuring good and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Air throw range

The air throw range of this Bajaj cooler is 30-feet. This air throw range is good for small to medium-sized rooms. The powerful air throw and the range of the fan gets to every corner of the room, and makes sure that the room is evenly cooled. Most air coolers cool down only a particular part of the room and need constant adjustment. However, this drill is solved by the Bajaj cooler. No matter what corner of the room you are in, you get cool air and comfortable temperature throughout the room.

Ice chamber

The temperature during the summer month is increasing every season. Some days can be extremely hot, and cold water is not enough to cool down the room. For days like that, the Bajaj air cooler comes with a dedicated ice chamber. This allows the users to put ice cubes inside the cooler for more efficient and potent cooling. The ice cubes will cool the water inside the cooler, and allow it to throw cooler air, making the temperature inside the room more comfortable to survive the summer heat.

Special features

Compact design

The Bajaj Frio personal cooler is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to move from one room to another. It won't take up much space, and can be placed on a table or shelf. Since the cooler is designed for compact living and houses, it needs to be versatile. The design of the cooler is compact and does not take up much of your valuable space in the house. The Bajaj cooler also comes with wheels underneath the body. This makes it easy to move the cooler to your desired area in the house.

Honeycomb cooling pads

Air coolers have cooling pads inside them that absorb the water and throws out cool water. The honeycomb cooling pads in the Bajaj cooler retains the cool water for long and ensures cool air throughout the time of usage. These honeycomb cooling pads are highly effective at cooling the air. The pads are made of a special material that can absorb water and provide better cooling.

Inverter compatibility

The Bajaj Frio personal cooler is compatible with inverters, which means you can use it even during power cuts. This is a great feature to have, especially in areas where power outages are common during the summer months.

Easy maintenance

The Bajaj Frio personal cooler is easy to maintain, with removable and washable cooling pads. The water tank is also easy to clean, and the cooler comes with a dust filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. Cleaning an air cooler is important, but also a hassle at the same time. This is not a hectic drill on this Bajaj cooler as it easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that the air coming out of it healthy and fresh.

Powerful airflowCapacity could have been higher
Ice chamber for better coolingNo empty tank alarm

Price of Bajaj Frio at a glance:

Bajaj Frio air coolerRs. 4,999


In conclusion, the Bajaj Frio Personal Cooler is an affordable and efficient option for those who want to beat the heat in a small room. Its compact design, honeycomb cooling pads, inverter compatibility, and easy maintenance make it a great investment for the summer months.

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