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Classic but effective: Best 2-burner gas stoves for home

Last Published on Nov 30, 2023 17:12 IST


Looking for a high quality 2-burner gas stove? HT Shop Now has got you covered! Discover the top-performing gas stoves and find a perfect match on the budget.

For ages, people have been using 2-burner gas stoves in their kitchens. You know, those simple cookers with two burners that help you to make delicious meals. These classic kitchen companions have been around forever, and there's a good reason for that – they just work!

Also, in a world full of fancy cooking gadgets and high-tech gizmos, the 2-burner gas stove stands its ground. It's like a reliable friend who's always there when you need them. No fuss, no complicated buttons – just fire up those burners, and you're ready to cook up a storm.

The beauty of these stoves lies in their simplicity. No need to decode a bunch of buttons or worry about electronic doodads. Just turn the knob, and watch the flames come to life. It's cooking made easy, just the way it should be.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or someone who's still figuring out how not to burn toast, a 2-burner gas stove has your back. It's like the unsung hero of the kitchen, quietly doing its job and making sure you get your meals cooked without any drama.

So, if you're all about keeping it simple and getting down to the basics of cooking, a 2-burner gas stove might be your kitchen soulmate. Let's explore some of the best ones out there, the ones that bring the classic charm and effectiveness to your home cooking haven.

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1. Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove’s ergonomic design ensures easy handling and maintenance, allowing you to effortlessly create delicious meals. The spill-proof design adds a layer of convenience to your kitchen, minimizing the post-cooking cleanup and keeping your space pristine. Crafted with a toughened black glass top, this gas stove not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also resists scratches, standing up to everyday wear and tear. The durability of the glass top ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for your culinary adventures. The Prestige IRIS comes equipped with 2 brass burners, providing efficient heat distribution for precise cooking. The powder-coated body adds durability and a sleek finish, complementing the stylish glass top. This gas stove is not just a cooking appliance; it's a statement piece for your kitchen. Included in the package is the Prestige IRIS LP Gas table (GTI 02), backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

Specifications of Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove:

Brand– Prestige

Material— Plastic

Colour– Black

Product dimensions–32D x 62W x 4.7H Centimeters

Control type–knob

weight–4450 Grams

Price– 3,995

Warranty–2 yrs



Easy to clean

The size could have been bigger

Energy efficient


Value for money


2. Butterfly Smart Glass Top 2 Burner Open Gas Stoves

If you are looking for a gas stove that will help you save time and energy in the kitchen, opt for the Butterfly 2 burner gas stove. This gas stove is built with an intelligent lock pan, stainless steel spill tray, heat-efficient brass burners, flame retardant panel, heat-resistant legs, and a powder-coated GP sheet base. All these ensure convenient cooking. The toughened glass top adds durability and makes cleaning an easy task. Its sleek and stylish design makes it an ideal product for your kitchen. So, it's worth considering a 2 burner gas stove that one should take advantage of. The Butterfly Smart Gas Stove is not just about functionality; it's a style statement with designer knobs that add a sophisticated touch. The rectangle shape and black color contribute to its contemporary aesthetic, seamlessly blending into any kitchen decor. The support mechanism with rubber legs ensures stability during cooking, providing a safe and comfortable experience. Easy cleaning is a priority, making maintenance hassle-free.

Specifications of Butterfly Smart Glass Top 2 Burner Open Gas Stoves:




Product dimension–60L x 29W x 11H Centimeters

Weight—5100 grams

Price– 4,995

Warranty–1 year



Easy to clean

Not suitable for big vessels

Easy to use

The burner's quality could have been better

Regulated movement


3. Sunflame DIAMOND 2B Glass Top 2 Brass Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Diamond 2 Burner Gas Stove has a glass-top design that adds a modern touch to upscale kitchens, showcasing grace and refinement. Made with stylish and durable knobs made of heat-resistant nylon material, this gas stove ensures easy heat level adjustment and a sophisticated look. The Sunflame Diamond Gas Stove is ISI certified for use with LPG, meeting BIS standards to guarantee safety, quality, and durability. The cooktop features sturdy anti-skid legs, providing a secure cooking environment by preventing accidental slips and slides. The manual ignition adds a traditional touch, requiring a lighter or matchstick to ignite the flame. Additionally, this gas stove is environmentally friendly, emitting low CO2, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing indoor air quality.

Specifications of Sunflame DIAMOND 2B Glass Top 2 Brass Burner Gas Stove:

Brand— Sunflame

Material–tempered glass


Product dimensions–32D x 62W x 12H Centimeters

Weight—4500 grams

Price— 5,790

Warranty—2 years



Easy to use

The knob is not that great


Burners could have been better.

4. BLOWHOT Heavy Brass Burner 2 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

If you love cooking and want a reliable and efficient gas stove, then the BLOWHOT Heavy Brass Burner 2 Burner Auto Ignition Gas stove is worth considering. One of the standout features of this gas stove is its auto-ignition system, which eliminates the need for matches or lighters. This not only saves time but also ensures safety in the kitchen. The heavy brass burners provide even heat distribution, making cooking easy. The toughened glass top, coupled with the stainless steel frame, creates a harmonious blend of strength and elegance. This gas stove is not just a cooking appliance; it's a statement of style and durability in your kitchen. Whether simmering a delicate sauce or searing a steak, this gas stove can easily handle it all. All these make it a perfect combination of style and functionality. So, without considering much, go for it.

Specifications of BLOWHOT Heavy Brass Burner 2 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove:




Product dimensions —37.5Lx 77W x 14H Centimeters

Weight—8 kg 620 gram

Price— 8,990

Warranty— 1 year



Cooking speed is good

The size of the cooktop is huge

Automatic ignition feature


5. Vidiem Gas Stove GS G2 120 A AIR Plus 2 Burner Frameless Gas Stove

Vidiem Gas Stove GS G2 120 A AIR Plus is a frameless gas stove that seamlessly combines innovation and functionality for an exceptional cooking experience. The Viva Cooktop boasts an extra-large cooking surface with widely spaced burners, accommodating large vessels alongside medium and small brass burners. Elevate your culinary skills with precision and versatility. Designed for durability, this gas stove comes with a 5-year warranty on glass and a 2-year warranty on the product, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting performance. Vidiem prioritizes safety and reliability, subjecting each stove to rigorous tests, including leak tests, life tests, and load tests, guaranteeing unparalleled safety and performance. Crafted with thermally treated toughened 7mm glass, heavy-duty brass burners, and mixing tubes tailored for Indian cooking, this gas stove promises longevity and efficiency. The direct flow gas tubes prevent ant and dust blocks, while spill-proof drip trays facilitate easy cleaning after every culinary masterpiece. Precision gas valves enhance safety and efficiency, complemented by rustproof vitreous enameled pan supports and sturdy engineering plastic knobs. With a legacy of quality dating back to 1978, Maya Appliances, the parent company of Vidiem, has been at the forefront of kitchen innovation.

Specifications of Vidiem Gas Stove GS G2 120 A AIR Plus 2 Burner Frameless Gas Stove:



Product dimension—38D x 70W x 4.5H Centimeters

Weight—2.5 Kilograms

Price—- 10,980

Warranty—5 yrs




Warranty Activation Deadline

Easy to handle

Limited Color Options

Proper distance between two burners


6. Lifelong LLGS10 Glass Top, 2 - Burner Manual Glass Gas Stove

The Lifelong LLGS10 Glass Top 2 Burner Manual Glass Gas stove is designed to provide convenience and functionality while cooking your favorite meals. This gas stove comes with two burners that can be operated manually, allowing you to control the heat according to your cooking needs. The glass top of the stove not only adds a touch of elegance but also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The burners are made of high-quality brass material that ensures even heat distribution and durability over time. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this gas stove is an ideal choice for all your cooking needs. Equipped with a 360-degree multi-directional gas inlet nozzle on the right side, this gas stove offers flexibility in positioning. The anti-slip legs ensure stability during cooking, while the heavy-duty pan support provides robust support for your cookware.

Specification of Lifelong LLGS10 Glass Top, 2 - Burner Manual Glass Gas Stove:



Product dimensions—27.5D x 53.5W x 8.7H Centimeters

Weight—4.24 Kilograms

Price— 6,145

Warranty– 1 year



Good build-up 

Limited Fuel Compatibility

Value for money

Manual Ignition

Easy to clean


7. Pigeon by Stovekraft Sleek 2– Burner Ultra Slim Gas Stove

Pigeon by Stovekraft Sleek 2–Burner Ultra Slim Gas Stove, a perfect fusion of style and functionality for modern kitchens. The ultra-slim frame design not only adds a contemporary flair but also optimizes kitchen space, making it an ideal choice for compact living.

This gas stove boasts a modern and minimalist design that will elevate the look of any kitchen. But it's not just about looks - this stove is also highly functional, with two burners that provide efficient heat distribution for cooking your favorite meals. Its ultra-slim design makes it perfect for small kitchens or those who want to maximize their counter space. Equipped with a jumbo burner, this gas cooktop ensures fast heating, reducing your cooking time significantly. The tri-pin brass burner adds durability and precision to your culinary endeavors. The removable spill tray facilitates easy cleaning, maintaining a spotless kitchen. For added flexibility, the 360-degree revolving nozzle allows you to adjust the gas flow according to your cooking needs.

Specifications of Pigeon by Stovekraft Sleek 2– Burner Ultra Slim Gas Stove:


Material–glass, aluminum

Product dimensions—67.5 x 13 x 37.3 Centimeters

Weight—7kg 200 grams

price— 7,495

Warranty–5 yrs



Energy efficient

Small size



8. Elica Vetro Glass Top 2– Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 2–Burner Gas Stove, a perfect blend of elegance and performance for your kitchen. Outlined with a premium finish glass top, this gas stove not only offers a rust-resistant texture but also ensures long-lasting performance, making it a stylish and reliable addition to your culinary space. The toughened glass, backed by a 2-year warranty, enhances the stove's aesthetics while guaranteeing durability and safety. The stainless steel support plate beneath the glass adds an extra layer of sturdiness, ensuring the gas stove maintains its reliability over time. This gas stove is equipped with 2 distinct-sized brass burners – 1 large and 1 small – catering to your varied cooking needs. The manual operation, facilitated by smoothly operated knobs, adds a traditional touch while providing precise control over your culinary endeavors. Backed by a 2-year warranty on the product itself, the Elica Vetro Gas Stove is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Elevate your cooking experience with the perfect combination of style and functionality – the Elica Vetro Glass Top 2–Burner Gas Stove.

Specifications of Elica Vetro Glass Top 2– Burner Gas Stove:


Material—Stainless steel

Product dimensions—37D x 66W x 8H Centimeters

Weight—80000 grams

price—- 5,490

Warranty— 2 yrs



Value for money

Manual Operation Only

Sturdy product

Limited Burner Variation

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9. Preethi Blu Flame Gleam Glass Top 2-Burner Manual Gas Stove

Preethi Blu Flame Gleam Glass Top 2-Burner Manual Gas Stove is designed for efficiency and durability. With thoughtfully spaced burners, cooking becomes a breeze, offering enhanced ease and convenience in the kitchen. Boasting an impressive 69+% thermal efficiency, this gas stove allows you to cook faster while saving on gas consumption. The 8mm thick thermally toughened glass top ensures exceptional durability, longevity, and heat resistance, providing a reliable platform for your culinary adventures. Experience improved durability, faster cooking, and consistent efficiency for years with the heavy-duty brass burner. The Tripad mixing chamber supports an optimum mixture of air and gas ratio, further enhancing cooking efficiency. The Ant guard jet ensures smooth and reliable functioning over the years, minimizing low flame issues. To make your cooking experience mess-free, the gas stove comes with a removable drip tray, and the extendable legs facilitate easy cleaning underneath. The provision for a lighter holder adds to the convenience, while the sturdy night glow switch knob enables easy identification even in darkness. With the unique Triad nozzle allowing gas tube connection from all three sides, this gas stove stands out as a versatile and practical addition to your kitchen. Additionally, Lifelong Free Service ensures hassle-free superior servicing by trained technicians, free of labor charges.

Specifications of Preethi Blu Flame Gleam Glass Top 2-Burner Manual Gas Stove:



Product dimensions—35D x 70W x 14H Centimeters

Weight—6800 grams

Price— 8,915

Warranty—5 yrs



Double spilling tray facility makes it easier to clean.

Knobs are smaller in size



10. Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Top, 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black

Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove in elegant black, a stylish and efficient addition to your kitchen. This gas stove is designed for LPG configurations, providing a seamless cooking experience. For those considering a conversion to Pipeline connection (PNG), a simple call to the gas distributor or the brand's customer support is all it takes. However, please note that the conversion is a paid service, and the warranty is void if customers opt for self-intervention. This gas stove comes with ISI approval, assuring adherence to stringent safety standards. The two high-efficiency tri-pin gas burners ensure precise and quick cooking for your culinary needs. The ergonomically designed nylon knobs, featuring heat-resistant covers, provide a comfortable grip and enhance the stove's overall aesthetics. Ensuring stability during cooking operations, the gas stove is equipped with anti-skid feet. The thoughtful placement of the gas inlet pipe on the right side adds to the stove's convenience.

Specifications of Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Top, 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black:

Colour- Black

Material- Glass

Special Feature- Manual

Brand- Lifelong

Heating Elements- 2



High Efficiency Burners

Warranty Void for Self-Intervention

Ergonomic Nylon Knobs

No PNG Conversion Kit

Sleek Black Design


Top 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Prestige IRIS LPG gas stoveEnergy efficientValue for moneydurable
Butterfly smart glass top 2 burner open gas stoveEasy to cleandurableEasy to use
Sunflame DIAMOND 2B glass top 2 brass burner gas stoveEasy to useDurable
Sleek and stylish
BLOWHOT heavy brass burner 2 burner auto ignition gas stoveAutomatic ignition featureCooking speed is good
Uniquely designed knobs
Vidiem gas stove GS G2 120 A AIR plus 2 burners frameless gas stoveLightweightEasy to handle
Proper distance between two burners
Life-long LLG S10 glass top, 2-burner manual glass gas stoveGood build-upValue for moneyEasy to clean
Pigeon by Stovekart seeks a 2-burner ultra slim gas stoveEnergy efficientDurable
Sleek and stylish
Elica Vetro glass top 2- burner gas stoveSturdy productValue for money
Ergonomically designed knobs
Preethi Blu flame gleam glass top 2 burners manual gas stoveDouble-spilling tray facilityDurableSleek design
Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Top, 2 Burner Gas Stove, BlackHigh Efficiency Burners6mm Toughened GlassPan Supports

Best overall product

While each of the products mentioned above is a great choice, the Prestige IRIS LPG gas stove still stands out, prestige is the largest kitchen brand, and this gas stove has some excellent features. Its sleek and stylish design provides a seamless cooking experience and adds a modern touch to the kitchen. Overall it is a perfect choice for your kitchen, so without thinking twice, go for it.

Best value for money

For 3,995, the Prestige IRIS LPG gas stove is the best value for money product as you get a featured rich 2 burner gas stove backed by a brand name. Its durability, performance, sleek and stylish design and other features make it a perfect stove for your kitchen at such an affordable price.

How to find the best 2-burner gas stove at an affordable price?

Discovering the best gas stove starts by identifying your specific needs and preferences. One of the first things to be considered is the brand reputation. Look for well-established brands with a track record of producing high-quality kitchen appliances. The next thing is that Understanding your cooking style will help you choose a gas stove with features that meet your requirements. Another important aspect is safety features. Look for gas stoves that have built-in safety mechanisms. Along with this, durability, design, price, size, customer feedback, and ratings will help you to make an informed decision and ultimately find the perfect 2- burner gas stove that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

FAQs on 2 burner gas stove

Some classic but effective choices include models from well-known brands such as Prestige, Butterfly, Elica, Sunflame, Lifelong, and Pigeon.
2-burner gas stoves are ideal for smaller kitchens as they offer a compact design while providing sufficient cooking space for everyday needs.
Yes, most reputable brands offer warranties on their 2-burner gas stoves, typically ranging from 1 to 2 years, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.
Generally, these gas stoves are designed for LPG use. However, some models may offer conversion options for PNG. It's recommended to check the product details or contact the manufacturer for specific information.
Look for ISI certification, anti-skid feet, and a spill-proof design. Additionally, features like thermal toughened glass and flame failure protection contribute to enhanced safety.
Clean the burners regularly, check for gas leaks, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning the glass top. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen for safe usage.
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