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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Know all about offs on home, kitchen items

Last Published on Oct 06, 2023 19:40 IST


The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is back in 2023 with a bang! Beginning October 8 (for Prime members from October 7), you can get heavy discounts on many categories of home & kitchen products. 

It is the sale season of the year. The air has started to cool off just a bit. The sun hurts just a little less and starting with Ganesh Chaturthi in September-October, the Indian festival juggernaut is all set to role. This is the time when the markets are filled with sales. In recent times, digital is the platform where all the action is and, on the internet, nothing gets bigger than the annual Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. In 2023 too, we will see a plethora of attractive offers and discounts for the consumer. This s the splurge time of the year.

The sale starts from October 8. However, Prime members have an edge over others as they can view offers from October 7 itself. You can expect the ‘Kickstarter Deals’ in the early days of the sale. As days roll on, more products and different kinds of deals and offers will be on the floor. You can also expect coupon-based deals. For SBI debit card and credit card holders, there is an instant 10% discount.

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A big segment of the online sales market are home and kitchen section. From bigger appliances like TVs, vacuum cleaners to much smaller products like air fryers, mixer blenders, water heaters, gas stoves and induction cooktops, consumers are simply spoilt for choice.

Discounts on products during the Amazon Sale 2023


Back in the day, this now ubiquitous home appliance was often called the ‘Idiot Box’. Today, no home is complete without this home appliance. TVs come in various kinds of resolution to cater to different needs. These resolutions, like HD, Full HD, 4K, and 8K, offer varying levels of picture detail and clarity, allowing consumers to choose based on their budget and viewing preferences. 

TVs today can also be classified by various distinct display technologies used in their making - LED, QLED, and OLED. LED uses backlighting, while QLED employs quantum dots for brighter colours. OLED, however, emits its own light for perfect blacks and vibrant colours. These differences enhance the viewing experience. OLED offers true black levels and colour accuracy, while QLED offers bright highlights. LED is cost-effective. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and budget.

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Now, if you are keen on either changing your old one with a new one or bringing home a brand new one, now it the time to do so. As part of the Amazon Sale, you will be spoilt for choice - you can expects products from brands like Redmi, Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, TCL, Acer, MI, Hisence, VW and many more. You can get a whopping 63% discount on them!

Among the smaller products, you can get very attractive discounts on gas stoves, for instance. You can bring home a Prestige gas stove at up to 60% off to give an example. Look out for great discount on Induction cooktops. You can avail eye-pooping discounts on water purifiers and vacuum cleaners, so essential in any household.

As more and more people get urbanised and do sedentary jobs, ensuring we consume less and less of oil-based food becomes imperative. Yet, the Indian food palate can hardly do without an occasional unhealthy snack. The way to balance healthy and taste is by investing in a digital air fryer - now you can buy one from well known brands like Phillips and Pigeon.

There is a lot more on offer. Keep your eyes glued on to your laptop or mobile screens and avail amazing discounts on some of the much-awaited home and kitchen products during the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023.


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